Our Roots

Since 1924, Mooresville Ice Cream has been churning out
ice cream from our creamery in downtown Mooresville, NC.
Our founders, B.A. Troutman and R.C. Millsaps, were true purists who believed that premium ice cream must be hand-crafted in smaller batches and made with the freshest cream and highest-quality ingredients - like our DeLuxe Nutty Cone, hand-scooped with an extra heaping of vanilla ice cream and nutty goodness. We’ve always believed in keeping things simple and being the best at what we do. It’s this core belief that’s made us a favorite with ice cream lovers throughout the Carolinas for decades.

Our Roots

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The Tradition Continues

Many years ago, we were among hundreds of similar local ice cream producers scattered throughout the country. In those days, most of the ice cream was local, small batch and hand crafted just like ours (although we always liked to believe that ours was just a little bit more special). Inevitably, as the world consolidated and continued to transform, most of the local and regional parlors and ice cream craftsmen disappeared. But we’ve stood the test of time, and while a lot has changed over the years, our pride and skill in producing ice cream has remained a constant. For over 85 years now, the Mooresville Ice Cream Company has remained an independent, family-owned business proudly focused on producing consistently exceptional ice cream.

A New Legacy Begins

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A New Ice Cream is Born

We believe Carolinians deserve a delicious, locally produced premium ice cream they can buy conveniently in their local grocery store. Inspired by our own rich heritage and the distinct tastes of the South, Mooresville Ice Cream Company proudly announces our latest creation: Carolina-churned Front Porch Ice Cream. With every taste of our uniquely crafted Southern flavors, you'll savor the fresh cream, ripe fruit, and decadent goodies in each of our homespun recipes. It’s ice cream that all Carolinians can proudly call their own. And coming in spring 2012, we look forward to seeing you at our authentic ice cream parlor, next to our original creamery in historic downtown Mooresville, where we’ll be scooping Front Porch ice cream daily. We are proud to continue the traditions of the past, as we begin new ones for future generations.

A New Ice Cream is Born

Progressive Grocer
"Best New Product"

Front Porch Ice Cream has won the Progressive Grocer Editor's Pick Award for best new product in 2012!

Progressive Grocer Best New Product